How You Can Work With PGLA:

While PGLA offers artists, curators, and galleries unprecedented access to opportunity, PGLA is not for every artist, curator, and gallery.

PGLA does provide extensive support and assistance, yet it encourages self-reliance. PGLA collaborators need to be self-motivated.

PGLA does not function like a traditional gallery or museum venue; funding is limited and participants need to be flexible and work within with a firm budget. Participants also need to be tolerant of PGLA space’s provisions and limitations.

As applicable and on a case-by-case basis, any budget needs and accommodations are discussed in advance.  Artists and curators are encouraged to find their own sources of funding, which will add to the success of their project.  Past supporters of PGLA projects include the LA River Association, Long Beach Arts Redevelopment Agency, The Durfee Foundation, and the Long Beach Arts Council.

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If you have new ideas for avenues of growth we are interested in collaboration. We are working on finding new opportunities for funding for projects.

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Open Call for artists and projects

PGLA Artists

PGLA is very passionate about providing artists and curators opportunity.

By affording its collaborators secure storefront space for the exhibition of current, new, or experimental work that can potentially be viewed 24/7, before and after traditional gallery or studio hours, PGLA advances its mission to offer fundamental experience and exposure that leads to meaningful career enhancement.  A significant advantage for all of PGLA’s collaborators is the exposure to a new and broader audience.

Additionally, PGLA extends an opportunity to exhibit work in the artist or curator’s own community without the advantage of gallery representation. PGLA also provides supplemental exhibition for work already seen in a surrounding community and venues for artists who have an exhibition funding contingent on a fixed venue.

For galleries that may be in-between spaces or in need of a launch location, PGLA also locates and secures operational venues on their behalf.

For all of its collaborators, PGLA individually matches each project and venue based on the participating artist’s or gallery’s vision, space requirements, and overall project effectiveness.  PGLA also supplies material support to launch its artists’ exhibitions, including assistance with space preparation, installation, and in some cases, funding.

Among PGLA’s greatest accomplishments is the tangible career advancement it has provided to its collaborating artists and curators.  Through PGLA’s programs, artist Heather Carson received representation by ACE Gallery, Los Angeles; artist Rebecca Niederlander was rewarded a Durfee Grant based on her garnering a PGLA exhibition space; Philip Vaughan was given a show at the Neon Museum from a fellow exhibition artist Joella March; and in 2010, the Torrance Art Museum co-hosted a show with PGLA, providing several PGLA curators’ their first museum show.  PGLA’s exhibitions have also been reviewed in the LA Weekly, Artillery, and, The Magazine and other publications.