Phantom Galleries Los Angeles (PGLA) revitalizes and energizes communities and pedestrian thoroughfares by converting vacant storefronts throughout Los Angeles County into temporary galleries and pedestrian viewing only galleries transforming districts into vibrant cultural hubs through the 24/7 public presentation of art.

By producing a wide range of programs that hold appeal for art enthusiasts and neophytes alike, PGLA fosters a unique collaboration between local artists, the artistic community, and the public that proffers a living dialogue and education on contemporary art practices. Dedicated to offering hands-on and on-going support of the arts, PGLA provides a nurturing, supportive environment for the creative process.  PGLA serves as a platform for artistic experimentation, growth, and career development by furnishing artists, curators, and galleries exhibition venues outside the traditional museum or gallery setting. Culling and expanding on existing resources within its partnering localities, PGLA also serves as a catalyst for the creation of a sustainable cultural infrastructure that, while responsive to the immediate needs of the community it serves, emulates and celebrates the multifaceted vibrancy of the Los Angeles art scene.