Pop Up Services

Pop Up Services

Pop up Services is a team of professionals with the ability to take a vacant space and transform it into a temporary pop up shop.
Our team specializes in art handling, installing of 2D/3D/projection artwork, lighting, temporary wall construction, electrical systems, plumbing, painting, delivery of artwork, vinyl lettering, and any other details needed to make your vision a reality.
(we do not directly handle shipping or delivery)

Our team has the knowledge and ability to take any space, regardless of the condition, and turn it into what our clients envision. We present varying in price range and will work with you to accommodate your needs. We pride ourselves on our reliability, workmanship, and ability to see a project from beginning to end.

Services we provide:

Custom Laser Cutting

Vinyl Lettering Signage
(creation of)
Installing of vinyl lettering
Offer last minute late night, holidays and weekends

Lighting Rental and Installation