Sixpack Projects at Phantom Galleries Long Beach
170 The Promenade North
Long Beach, CA 90802

Sixpack Projects is a collective of six artists/curators organizing innovative contemporary art exhibitions and events throughout Southern California. The collective consists of Alyssa Cordova, Jennifer Frias, Lilia Lamas, Jillian Nakornthap, Jeff Rau, and Heather Richards. Sixpack Projects at Phantom Galleries Long Beach features special curatorial projects by the members of the collective and is a forum for engaging the community in important and relevant cultural discussions through the exhibition of contemporary art. For more information, visit www.sixpackprojects.com and like us on Facebook.

D-Block Projects at Phantom Galleries Long Beach
218 The Promenade North
Long Beach CA 90802

D-Block is not a traditional “white cube” gallery but is instead broken into a dual space with both concrete and dirt floors. The material makeup of the exposed dirt foundation and concrete floor creates a dichotomy of materials and states of construction that allows for alternative exhibition practices and interrogations of space. For more information, visit www.dblockprojects.com and like us on Facebook.