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Sixpack Projects
Organized by Alyssa Cordova, Jennifer Frias, Lilia Lamas, Jillian Nakornthap, Jeff Rau, and Heather Richards.
170 N Promenade

About Sixpack Projects
Sixpack Projects is a collective of six artist/curators organizing innovative contemporary art exhibitions and events throughout Southern California. We are: Alyssa Cordova, Jennifer Frias, Lilia Lamas, Jillian Nakornthap, Jeff Rau, and Heather Richards. The Sixpack Projects gallery at Phantom Galleries Long Beach features special curatorial projects by the members of our collective and is intended to be a forum for engaging the community in important and relevant cultural discussions through the exhibition of contemporary art. For more information please visit www.SixpackProjects.com or Facebook.com/SixpackProjects

About Jeff Rau

About Heather Richards
Heather Richards is one of six members of the artists and curators collective known as SixPackProjects. She received her BA in Art History from California State University, Long Beach and is currently a graduate student in the Museum Studies/Exhibition Design program at California State University, Fullerton. Current projects include a collaboration with Bay Area artist Val Britton; preparation for her graduate exhibition of artwork which highlights the intersections between food, ritual and community; and various exhibits in and around Southern California with SixPackProjects. She lives and works in North Orange County with her husband.

About Lilia Lamas
Lilia Lamas received her Bachelor’s Degree in Art with minor in Italian from California State University, Long Beach. She is currently an MFA candidate in Exhibition Design and Museum Studies at California State University, Fullerton. She began her career in the arts working in the non-profit sector focusing on development, event planning and programming. Her curatorial and programming endeavors were featured at SolArt Gallery Café in Santa Ana, California; the California State University, IP program in Florence, Italy (2003). In addition, she is an integral part of the projects led by Gregorio Luke, former Director of the Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach. She has assisted Mr. Luke on the production of a multimedia lecture series at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood entitled, Life Size Murals by Gregorio Luke (2009). She has worked on exhibitions such as Anguiano’s Nudes Drawings by Raul Anguiano (2009), Jose Sacal (2008) and El Movimiento, photographs by Oscar Castillo (2009) presented at the Latino Museum of Art in downtown Los Angeles with Mr. Luke. Her commitment to the arts has recently directed her into an internship for the 2009 seventh edition of the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea of Florence at the Fortezza da Basso.
In March 2009 curated, From Rome to Santa Ana, featuring six artists that are part of a collaborative experimental printmaking laboratory in Rome, Stamperia del Tevere, founded by Alessandro Fornaci and Frank Martinangeli. Co-curated with Jennifer Frias, MetaDataPhile: Collapse of Visual Information in August 2010 at the CSU, Fullerton’s Begovich Gallery featuring 16 international artists including an artists like Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Peter Sarkisian and Jason Varone. She is currently member of SixPack Projects and working on an exhibition in Phantom Galleries 170 N Promenade in Long Beach, CA.

D-Block Projects
organized by Jeff Chabot and Ed Gomez.
218 N Promenade

D-Block is a project/space for contemporary art and experimentation. The objective for D-Block is to provide artists and curators an exhibition space for and investigations into ideas of space. The project welcomes proposals for exhibitions and submissions from both curators and artists. While D-Block cannot fund projects financially we can provide an exhibition space for your ideas.

D-Block the space is not a traditional “white cube,” but is instead broken into a dual space with both concrete and dirt floors. The material makeup of the exposed dirt foundation and concrete floor creates a dichotomy of materials and states of construction that allows for alternative exhibition practices and interrogations of space.

About Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot is an artist and curator whose work deals with issues of the landscape, the evolving grid, and technological breakdowns. His work was recently shown at the Mexicali Biennial at Ben Maltz Gallery and at the Long Beach Exposed exhibition produced by the Arts Council for Long Beach. Chabot is also a board member for the non-profit arts organization Foundation for Art Resources. With FAR, Chabot has been a curator/co-curator for several exhibitions and artist panel discussions, as well as co-producing multimedia art events in support Los Angeles-based artists. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts, and teaches photography, video and visual communications.

About Ed Gomez

Ed Gomez’s interdisciplinary art practice revolves around the questioning of exhibition practices, institutional framework and historical models of artistic production. In 2006, he co-founded the MexiCali Biennial, a bi-national art and music program addressing the region of the US-Mexico border, which he is currently a director and co-president. This project serves not only as a curatorial project but also a satirical statement to the abundance of biennials occurring around the globe and the impact they have on the art community. Mr. Gomez is also the director of G.O.C.A., The Gallery of Contemporary Art, which is a traveling self-contained exhibition space humorously located in his suitcase. It has showcased emerging and established artists from Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York and Mexico.

DownCrowd Gallery
organized by Stephanie Libanati
216 N Promenade 1st floor

About DownCrowd Gallery
Interested in urban development and community outreach through the public arts, Stephanie sought to engage herself in the Downtown Long Beach redevelopment projects in a hands-on way. It has been her intention with DownCrowd Gallery at Phantom Galleries Long Beach to galvanize the CSULB Art Department student body and local artists in order to engage in various forms of arts representation within the City. DownCrowd Gallery at Phantom Galleries Long Beach is proud to have the privilege and responsibility of spreading awareness of the talent and variety of art that surrounds us and providing an invaluable networking opportunity to the local community.

About Stephanie Libanati
Stephanie Libanati is a visual artist based in Long Beach, CA. She is currently an undergrad at California State University Long Beach, earning her BFA degree emphasizing contemporary practices in drawing and painting. Her works involve periphery and awareness of pattern and line. She makes connections between personal artifacts of an experience by creating a facade of specific material that seductively draws between matter and sensation. By filtering and sequencing disorienting imagery she makes personal associations that monumentalize the incidental. Repetition, alteration, and translation play key rolls in her process.

Dark Matter Gallery
Organized by Neil A France
218 N Promenade

About Dark Matter
Dark Matter Gallery is created under the auspices of Phantom Galleries Long Beach is curated by Photographer and Educator Neil France. The work presented will be of Professional Artists.

About Neil A France
Born Georgetown Guyana 1962. Long Beach based photographer. Instructor at Long Beach City College. Dedicated to the relentless pursuit of the perfect image.

Organized by Todd Ciborowski
218 N Promenade

About Backspace
Several California State University Long Beach M.F.A. candidates and Alumni formed Backspace Gallery in conjunction with Phantom Galleries Los Angeles in October 2010. The focus of the gallery is to further develop an ongoing dialogue and relationship with the Greater Los Angeles area art scene and Long Beach. Exhibiting work that deals with using materials, art production, art history, and formal concerns as a way to affect its viewer, Backspace hopes to offer a new and fresh interpretation of contemporary art making.

About Todd Ciborowski
Todd Ciborowski was born into a diverse family that honors education and creativity. From an early age he was encouraged to investigate and was given every opportunity to try something new and this idea is reflected in his art. His art practice lies in the process of exploration, ongoing change, and memory. His artwork has been shown in academic institutions, galleries, and project spaces; plus he is currently working as a Teaching Associate, Teaching Intern, and Instructional Student Assistant at CSULB and as a Gallery Aide/ Assistant Preperator at the Huntington Beach Art Center. Todd Ciborowski was born in Huntington Beach, California. He attended San Francisco State University where he received his B.A. in Art. Currently Todd is attending Cal State University of Long Beach where he plans to receive his M.F.A.

The Art Den Gallery:
organized by Monica Fleming , JanssenArtspace
122 e.3rd st.

The Art Den Gallery will serve as an exciting experimental playground showcasing contemporary emerging visual artists of all mediums whose passion is to create compelling, inspiring and thoughtful works all staying true to the principals of supporting the arts and promoting freedom of expression. A true playground of expression.

Monica Fleming:
Abstract artist Monica Fleming started drawing at the age of 5 in her hometown Dallas, Tx. At age 12 she won her first juried art prize. Now with a career spanning 20 yrs and
currently based in Longbeach, ca. Monica has garnered a fast-building reputation based on her recent successful exhibitions and number of high profile clients.
Monica paints like everything else she does in life, with passion and intensity. She creates her large vibrant colorful works by translating the rhythm and emotions of music onto canvas. The work results in what are her raw energetic color juxtapositions, inviting the viewer to travel unto worlds of light, shadow ,color and space.
In 2006 a leap into curating served as a catalyst to providing opportunities for other artists and sharing her and others unique perspectives to the masses.

Steven Janssen:
Steven Janssen graduated with a BFA from Cal State University in Longbeach in 1994.
In April of 2006 Janssen took the art world into his own hands by opening his own gallery in Palm Springs, Ca. named JanssenArtSpace . After 3 successful years 2009 took Janssenartspace to another level and has since transformed into a mobile gallery producing one night art events in and around southern California.

LarkGallery Online
350 E 3rd Street

About LarkGallery Online

LarkGallery Online was established in 1994 to promote the talents of both emerging and established artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. Among our founders were the leaders of Internationally known Bunker Art Group.

Our Mission is to present art that evokes thinking, leads to discovery and inspires creativity by building bridges between people, concepts and entities that have been traditionally considered incompatible.
We work to increase the visibility of talented artists from around the world and foster appreciation of art by teaching people of all ages a 21st century art language. We use the conversations of color, shape, texture and line to demonstrate that communication can be free of prejudice toward any language, religion and philosophy.
A percentage of the funds we raise helps support The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that provides young, low-income artists with the tools and resources they need to explore and develop their creativity.

We host online, brick-and-mortar and traveling exhibitions and organize music and theater events.

About Lark (Larisa Pillinsky)

President of Lark Gallery Online LARK (Larisa Pilinsky) is an artist, art curator, poet and journalist. Since 1985 she has left her mark on the art community by promoting both young and well-known artists and musicians, and by engaging in a wide range of educational, curatorial, support and fund-raising activities. The organizations she works with include the Kulture PR International and Foundation for Global Harmony, where she is on the Board of Directors, California Litigation Magazine, where she is an Art Director, IGM USC, Don O’Melveny and Phanthom Art Galleries, where she serves as an Art Curator.

From the beginning of her art career, Lark’s masterful play with materials, textures and surfaces, and her unique ability to arrange them in orchestrated, visual stories caught the attention of art lovers and gained recognition from art jurors including LA Weekly critic Peter Frank, Sweeney Art Gallery director Tyler Stallings, Santa Monica Museum of Art director Lisa Melandri and MOCA curator Alma Ruiz.
Since Lark emigrated from Russia to the United States in 1993 her artworks have been featured in more than 50 prestigious solo and group shows in the U.S., Russia, France, Japan and Armenia. In 2009-2010 articles about Lark’s art achievements were published in the Immigrant Magazine, Art to Art Palette and American Chronicles describing her work and career.

AMC Gallery
organized by Efren Luna
344 E 3rd Street

About AMC Gallery
AMC Gallery is the official gallery for Art, Music & Culture (AMC). It is curated by local artist and curator Efren Luna. AMC was founded by Efren Luna and is intended to serve as a medium for organizing and promoting art exhibition and community events. AMC Gallery hosts monthly art exhibitions and is committed to being part of the community and opening every second Saturday of each month as part of the Long Beach Art Walk. Part of the AMC mission is to integrate community and culture into the Long Beach art community by helping this growing and great art scene. AMC continue to promote the arts by engaging in the local community and also helping to bridge ties with artists from other areas local and abroad. Check out our monthly shows listed on the Phantom Galleries website for current exhibitions.

About Efren Luna
an Artist, Art Curator, Art-and-Music show organizer, writer, and philosopher. He studied Art at the schools of art at LBCC (AA Degree in Art) and CSULB (BFA in Drawing and Painting). He has been actively creating and promoting the arts. His curatorial work combines group exhibition which include site-specific installation and live music.
AMC INTENTIONS AND PURPOSES: To serve as a forum for Art & Music and Art & Community shows/events. AMC also intended to serve as an artists’ social network. Here you can meet fellow artists and new friends. Stay posted for UPCOMING ART/MUSIC SHOWS!!!
AMC is based from Long Beach/Los Angeles area but its aims are to reach artists and communities locally and worldwide. We intend to serve as an organizational tool for ART, MUSIC & CULTURE (AMC) shows and events. We also intended to serve as an information center for art, music or cultural events. AMC website is www.efrenluna.webs.com here you can learn about the AMC movement, read about its history or past and future events. You can join as a member too. As a member you can share your thoughts in our blogs and forums. We are welcoming every artist at every level as the goal is to serve the maximum number of artists in our universe and our metropolis in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Members to this site can place information about themselves too. In this, AMC also serves as a networking tool for artist. AMCs’ main focus is the collaborative efforts of artists working together. Our shows thus far have been very successful in bringing people together. The shows combine live music and art shows. Art-shows often come in the form of alternative galleries with site-specific installation by our friends at APHIDoIDEA among others. AMC uses any available venue, be it gallery, studio, open space, coffee shop, bars, nightclubs, warehouses, or empty retail stores. In this sense, AMC is in constant motion bringing spaces to life through our collaborative efforts and perhaps transforming such spaces and in the process bringing the cultural arts to diverse audiences.

Projects Space
Organized by Neil France
346 E 3rd Street

About Projects Space
Projects space is created under the auspices of Phantom Galleries Long Beach. The gallery is curated by Photographer and Educator Neil France. The work presented will be of the Students of Long Beach City College and will be experimental in nature.

About Neil A France
Born Georgetown Guyana 1962. Long Beach based photographer. Instructor at Long Beach City College. Dedicated to the relentless pursuit of the perfect image.

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