JR @ TED TED Prize wish kick off. Open to the Public.

TED Prize launch is open to the public
One Artist, One Wish, to change the world.
And you can participate.

In the spirit of JR’s work and in an unusual move, this typically exclusive TED experience will embrace the general public and invite everyone in for a visit. You can help JR launch his wish by visiting the JR @ TED gallery





Noon to 7pm on Thursday, March 3, 2011
10am to 7pm Friday, March 4, 2011

JR @ TED at Phantom Galleries LA
170 N Promenade, Long Beach, CA 90802
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Phantom Galleries LA meets  TED

The art world has been changing for sometime now. Within the larger themes that have emerged, certain artists or movements have changed the way the public interacts with art. Specifically, street artists have given birth to an entire new thinking of where art can function. Keeping good company with street art, a recent trend has manifested that I have a personal stake in: the pop-up, temporary public art organized in vacant spaces. The pop-up gallery redefines what it means to have an otherwise unused space and transform it, hopefully, into a culturally enriching environment for all to enjoy. In Los Angeles, a magnet and spawning ground for creative types with uniquely rich imaginations, the pop-up and street art both naturally thrive. Both put contemporary fine art into accessible locations, pushing art into everyday life while creating unexpected art experiences. This inspires an environment that is rich and deep with possibility where anything can happen. Where a vacant storefront can host a    Bill Viola exhibition in his hometown or a George Herms Jazz Opera Workshop can occur surrounded by a Farmlab social sculpture next to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Where someone like me, out of sheer will with less than one bootstrap to her name, can launch a program like Phantom Galleries LA and 6 years and over 450 exhibitions later end up hosting and inviting all of you to a TED Conference event.

Phantom Galleries LA first became a TED Prize partner for James Nachtwey’s prize wish www.XDRTB.org. For me, TED.com was a love at first lecture. Since the first talk, I embarked on a natural weekly migration to the site. When I read through Nachtwey’s TED Prize wish, I noticed that it had mentioned that TED was looking for exhibition locations and then stated, “anyone can help.” I identified with the anyone, in “anyone can help.”  I reached out and offered what I had, and I was welcomed by the amazing people who help produce the incredible things the TED Prize accomplishes. Phantom Galleries LA hosted screenings for Nachtwey’s TEDprize, bringing the wish to the streets for the public to see all over Los Angeles. It was a simple wish: spread the story, stop the disease. Our faint PGLA logo still holds its place as a TED Prize partner next to Nokia, TIME, and Adobe on the TEDPrize.org site.

TED continues to remind me that we all have a TED Prize wish inside of us, and we don’t have to wait to be given a TED Prize to make our wishes come true,  that the best of who we are and what we have is what we give to each other.


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”                                                           
-Theodore Roosevelt.


Liza Simone  
                                                                                                                                     Founder Director Phantom Galleries LA.

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