Property Owners

HOW PGLA works with its partners:

Each PGLA program is adaptive, responsive, and a considerate reflection of the communities it serves.

Whether it’s a storefront art installation or the opening of a gallery in a retail area, all PGLA programs are designed to harness and enhance the community’s inherent resources, and unite neighborhood business districts and the arts to generate positive transformation within the locality.

Recognizing that each of its partnerships and collaborations are unique, PGLA’s programming utilizes creative thinking and pragmatic problem-solving to address each community’s specific needs and circumstances.

PGLA director Liza Simone works in tandem with individual property owners and client municipalities to design, develop, and implement an art program tailored to its partners’ specific goals.

Ms. Simone assists with the identification of the area’s intrinsic resources in order to ascertain what is possible for each project, and subsequently designs a program to meet the PGLA partners’ objectives. Additionally, Ms. Simone works with client municipalities to assess and manage a realistic working budget for producing PGLA programming.

Working with local property owners, Ms. Simone secures venues for PGLA’s programs, ensuring the best pairing and compatibility of each space and project.  Ms. Simone also serves as each property’s on- and off-site project manager, and ensures that each space, once vacated, is left in proper, if not enhanced, working order.

Serving as liaison between property owners, municipalities, and the PGLA team of talented artists and curators, Ms. Simone administers the professional presentation and promotion of all PGLA’s programs.

PGLA Partnership Programs – for Property Owners and Municipalities:

How we do it

PGLA works with its partnering property owners and client municipalities to develop and implement strategic arts programs tailored to each participating partner’s cultural vision and economic needs.

Current and past PGLA partners include commercial reality companies and leasing agents, the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency, Downtown Long Beach Associates, Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Center Business Improvement District, the Economic Development Agency of West Hollywood, and property owners in Pasadena, South Pasadena, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Silverlake, Marina del Rey, and Downtown Los Angeles.

PGLA programs are designed to garner the most impact possible for PGLA’s partners, as well as encourage a city-wide model for a self-sustaining cultural infrastructure that boosts existing cultural relationships and engenders new collaborations between the city, public, and its neighboring communities.

A direct side effect of PGLA’s unique collaborations between the arts and the private and public sectors is a significant and positive impact on the city’s economic development.  PGLA’s programs serve as a pedestrian generator, attracting new local, national, and international tourism to an area, as well as proffer blight mitigation and viable leasing incentives that serve local property owners, the directives of business improvement districts, and the city as a whole.

PGLA’s presence also advances awareness of the city’s support of the arts that attracts new cultural investment and expansion, and lays the groundwork for future self-reliance in sustaining a dynamic Arts Districts.

The potential for widespread media coverage is a considerable advantage offered to PGLA’s partners.  Due to the multiple applications of its programs within a city, PGLA provides its partners media opportunity in regional, national and international news, tourism, real-estate, Visitor and Convention Bureau and business oriented publications.  PGLA’s programs have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Italian El Décor, En Route (Air Canada’s in-flight magazine), Biz Bash, among many others.

Additionally, PGLA’s numerous collaborating artists, curators, and nonprofits provide its partners additional mechanisms of publicity through their own programmatic outreach to media connections and on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.