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Emergence Enchanted


February 1 – February 28, 2009


The Pike at Rainbow Harbor - 45 Aquarium Way, 24 Aquarium Way, Long Beach 90802


Emergence Enchanted is an international art show exhibiting an assortment of artists who engage the curiosities of science, and dialogue with its worlds in unique ways. Inspired by the first appearance of the TED Conference in Long Beach, CA, this February, the exhibition recognizes the bridge between art and science and this rare opportunity for inspiring dialogue. Work by 20 cutting edge artists of established and emerging stars, will be contained within the spaces of The Pike. This exhibition combines a selection of artworks including paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs and video, as well as an exciting program of special performances.

The arts explore the liminal spaces that science is still unable to quantify, the various subjective explorations of human experience. Through unraveling and indexing of subjective inquiries in a shared reality, artists can inform scientific investigation with their most powerful tool: imagination. Intuitively, many artists look to science as a way of informing their practices. They revel in its mysteries, explanations and abstract theories. This sort of cross-pollination can bear curious fruit and the function of this exhibition is to examine a range of artists working in this way.

Emergence Enchanted offers up more then the sum of its parts. It will be a vital source for art, science and technology lovers, allowing them to discover new developments in contemporary art.

Emergence Enchanted Artist – Stephanie Allespach, Naomi Buckley, Krista Chael, Cloud Eye Control, Ben Dean, Fallen Fruit, Anne Hars, Micol Hebron, Parichard Holm & Ryan Zufryden, Daniel Marlos, Miwa Matreyek, Molly Millar, Tricia Lawless Murray, Anna Oxygen, Nora Jean Petersen, Nancy Popp, Semiconductor, and Elizabeth Tremante

Media Contact: Stephanie Allespach allespach@earthlink.net


"The Long Beach Redevelopment Agency is proud to partner with Phantom Galleries LA, not only to revive empty storefronts along our major corridors, but also to showcase the arts and build a sense of community and culture in our Downtown," said Craig Beck, Executive Director of the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency. LongBeachRDA.org

Special thank you to the Pike at Rainbow Harbor and The Long Beach Redevelopment Agency