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Beth King


October 24 – December 12, 2009 On view 24/7 and open by appointment. Artist Reception TBA


21 Aquarium Way, The Pike, Long Beach, CA


"Invisible Planes"

Curated By:
Liza Mitchell

Liza Mitchell 310-489-8998 liza4lov@aol.com

Artist Statement

Sculpture Glass + Metal, Wood, Fabric

As you can see, in my sculpture, I explore the physical strength and flexibility of my material, primarily glass, by always seeking the limits of what is possible. in the process, I defy or utilize the force of gravity, and apply such forces as expansion and compression. For example, t subject glass to expansion by applying tension via tightening steel cable; the force of gravity by installing it projecting out from a wall, or upwards above a base; and compression by holding parts together with elastic fabric. All of these methods are signatures of my work.

Through my sculpture you will discover the superior strength of bent compared to flat glass and glass on edge compared to glass horizontal to the floor, the flexibility of glass under it's own weight, and the way glass challenges our perception of it by it's clarity.

With regard to clarity, bent glass invariably has a texture depending upon the temperature the glass reaches while bending, and how much the mold degrades when subjected to that temperature. In other words, the softer the glass becomes, and the more the mold cracks, the more texture the glass picks up from the mold.

You do not always see the texture of bent glass in natural, balanced light. However, when it is spotlighted the texture is revealed by the shadows that are cast. These sculptures, then, can be displayed in two very different ways. Here, some are shown in balanced light, others with spotlights. All my sculpture looks quite simple, but is complex, and those that appear to be the most quiescent are usually the most active. I hope that you will see not just what forces are at play, but think beyond that, to what might be said about each one, as it relates to what we experience in our lives.

Special thank you to the Pike at Rainbow Harbor. www.thepikeatlongbeach.com